Not everything has to be decentralized

With “Web3” we are seeing a new era. Nowadays for each project exist a crypto/token in a blockchain, but If I only want to use the service without investing in it? Cause nowadays you have to know a little bit about investments, only for use some DApps.

Thinks about videogames, today exist play to earn games, or showroom of nft games, but are they games? Cause I think most people that “play” are investors and want to invest.

Centralization, at least for games for me is better (at least for the most part of games), cause there is more control of the users in a “easy” way. For me a videogame can have virtual money like gems, and I can buy those with “real” money, but I can’t buy “real” money with gems (I don’t believe in a videogame that permit that), so if I loose all my virtual gems inside a game is not a “real” problem, and there may be a cause.

Centralize power and not global information, decentralize authenticators and global informations

The best thing to do for me is this: Centralize power/resources, with less waste of energy and resources, so with more optimization, and not global informations of variours types, for example the assets of a videogame, orphotos in a social media that is better that they can be under control of a society.

And decentralize authenticators, so everything that authenticate something to a person/address. This with global important informations, for example a content of an nft used to prove a rent of a house, or nft domains. (And nft logically include both authenticators and global information).

This not solve the problems of DApps, why the creators of those application don’t want to use an already exist crypto/token? Because they had a lot of that new token, so If it will become important, also that token take value? I don’t know.

I’m not an expert, and there may be errors in this project. It’s just my considerations. For this reason, considerations, improvements or criticisms are welcome in the comments.



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